Bike lawyer: cyclists often a 'target'

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Bike lawyer: cyclists often a 'target'

Former Olympic cyclist Bob Mionske, now a cycling attorney, discusses the growing tension between motorists and cyclists as more and more bikes hit the road.

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The Alamo Colleges, San Antonio College downtown, St. Phillips College ,Palo Alto college ,NW Vista colleges in San Antonio Texas despite the perfect weather and environment for bikes the college security/police will actually fine ,stop or warn any student riding a bike on their campuses , so bike riding is not welcome or encouraged under the district policy supported by the president Ziegler.

No Wheelies on campus policy which includes Bikes, therefore are not bike friendly, their policy considers bike riders un-safe on campus and you may receive a ticket for riding a bike if you ride on any campus property even though it is a public institution . in other words bikes have been banned.
yeah can you believe that and its a public college one of the largest community colleges in Texas
covers many square miles, has campus housing, dorms and has a big lack of parking issue to deal with

read article in school newspaper, even despite no incidents !
# Posted By silverman | 4/8/13 8:37 PM