Another Legislative Attack on Cycling

 Interest in bicycling is at an all-time high, and steadily rising, as each year more people discover the benefits of a lifestyle that includes cycling. There are many converging reasons for bicycling’s increasing popularity. Riding a bike is a way to stretch tight budgets in a time of prolonged economic downturn. In the midst of rising rates of obesity, bicycling counters the sedentary lifestyle and over-consumption of calories that lies at the root of the obesity epidemic. And of course, bicycling is an environmentally-friendly means of transportation through which individuals can reduce both their petroleum consumption and their carbon footprint. Did I mention that it’s also just flat-out fun, whether riding solo, with family and friends, or with a club?

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I find it absolutely amazing that elected officials can be so out of touch with their constituents. Yet, it appears that these blatant attacks on personal freedoms seem to consistently originate from those who are the first to cry foul over regulation - conservative, oil-loving Republicans!

Hopefully, the electorate will pay attention when they cast their votes in November.
# Posted By Josephk | 12/9/11 4:23 PM
I'm not surprised IN THE SLIGHTEST that representatives are "out of touch"; they are immediately inundated with the barking babble of special interest lobbyists (all of whom should be evicted from DC), and peer pressure from their seniors and party leaders to conform to "every decision made reflects re-electability". They lose sight of why they are there, because the virtual fence is raised around the 'Congressional Country Club' the day after taking office.
# Posted By MarkB | 12/9/11 5:09 PM
Make no mistake: Success is based totally on our numbers and how loud we speak. There is a "cut everything that does not have a big lobby" attitude on Congress now. We can't outspend and out lobby the others, so we have to be organized, mobilized, united, and puts the numbers on the board!
# Posted By Warren Casteel | 12/11/11 4:20 PM
I believe all bike riding should be banned on all roads which do not have a bike lane.
# Posted By Matt | 8/17/12 6:22 PM