Bicycle Accident Lawyer researches law of B.U.I. in Kansas and Missouri

By Vance Preman, Bike Law Missouri

A lively discussion at a local watering hole, Ponaks (which nearly straddles the border between Kansas and Missouri), was initiated by an employee who said, “I heard of a guy who got know a DUI on a bicycle.” Several bystanders chimed in and I decided to take a closer look.

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Bicycling Under the Influence - Are You Breaking the Law?

Texas Bicycle Accident Lawyer: Can You Legally Drink and Bike?

By Charlie Thomas

As a bicycle accident attorney, I often find myself in conversations with bicyclists about whether riding under the influence is legal. This topic has recently gained steam, especially with the introduction of more bicycle lanes in urban areas (connecting residences to watering holes) and the growing popularity of pub crawls such as the monthly Critical Mass ride in Houston. The answer to whether pedaling under the influence is legal depends on each state’s respective DUI laws. This article addresses the issue in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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Is BUI like DUI?

By Rick Bernardi, J.D.

Should bicycling under the influence (dubbed “BUI” by Bob Mionske) be legal? Should it be illegal? And if it is illegal, what is the proper penalty?

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