Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyer gives away 5000th Bicycle Helmet

By Bryan Waldman, Bike Law Michigan

On Saturday, May 17, 2014, my law firm (the Sinas Dramis Law Firm) held its 12th annual “Heads Up for Safety” bike helmet event. With our co-sponsors, the Michigan Association for Justice, Origami Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center, and WLAJ, we provided and fitted 350 kids with bike helmets. Since sponsoring its first bike helmet event, the Sinas Dramis Law Firm has distributed over 5,000 bicycle helmets to children in Michigan. As a bicycle accident lawyer who deals with bike crashes every day, I know how important it is to get kids (and adults) to wear a properly fitting bicycle helmet every ride.

As in the past years, the CFT-Sinas Dramis Bicycle Racing Team hosted a bike obstacle course and SPIN Bicycle Shop hosted a bicycle repair tent. Overall, the event was a tremendous success. The law firm looks forward to hosting another bike helmet event in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 14, 2014.

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Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Inspecting Your Bicycle For A Safe Ride

 When you get a nice bicycle, it can be exciting to just run out into the woods and forest and then continue bike riding. Even if it is a bike you have had for awhile, when you visit those mountains or trees, it can be easy to just skip off right away on that bike. However, there is a hidden aspect you need to watch out for because a bike can be incorrectly placed with some of the equipment of the bike in the wrong place. If you're planning a trip at a desert's climate ride trails or any big mountain, you need to check your equipment.

Inspecting Your Bicycle For A Safe Ride

Check If The Wheels Are Secure

The wheels are usually the two areas of a bike that can define how the ride works out. Oftentimes, you really need to make sure that your wheels are securely fastened into the bike. You can try bike riding around the area that isn't in such a big rough terrain, and you can see if it is still very stable. Holding onto the wheels and moving them around to see if they are still attached could be another good thing to remember. If you find anything wrong with your bike you should take it to be repaired before riding. While you are waiting you can check out casino banker and find a great online mobile casino.

Seat Adjustment

The adjustment of the seat is such a vital aspect of your bike riding. It is vital that you check the seat to make sure it's doing just fine. It needs to be parallel to the floor, and your knee bend should feel comfortable as you push both upwards and downwards. The locking device needs to be properly setup, and this is located under the seat area. Watch out for this since it needs to be secured into position.

Hand Brakes

The ability to break is oftentimes the lifeline of a biker. It can define what happens to you when you're riding, and you need to be very careful when biking to make sure that the brakes are in tact.

Always remember that heading down to a professional bike riding enthusiast can help a whole lot when it comes down to being able to fix up your bike and inspect it. The inspector should take a quick look at what is currently broken and unstable, and then making the right arrangements to make sure that you have a successfully equipped bike. Heading up to a desert climate and riding that bike will be more enjoyable with a bike that'll keep you safe.