Saint Valentine's Day "Massacre" on the PCH

[This account of a recent incident was written by Dana Rucker, and was sent to by Andy Popinski. Dana Rucker has kindly allowed us to present his story, in his own words, here. It's a great story, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.]


How do you know it's Valentine's Day? You are shot in the butt...while riding your bike on PCH...except its not an arrow, its a BB gun...and its not Cupid, its a kid in a pick-up truck. Ok, I'll start at the beginning...

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Wow... great post. It's refreshing to see that the law enforcement took it seriously, as they should. As the saying goes, you could put an eye out with those things. Hopefully these knuckleheads won't find this too amusing and stop it.
# Posted By Dave | 2/21/09 2:39 AM
It's too bad there isn't some sort of additional jail time for stupidity.

Nice to hear about authorities taking positive action in crimes against bicyclists for a change.
# Posted By Jim | 2/21/09 3:17 PM
Great to read a positive outcome of a serious event. Wonderfully handled by law enforcement. I just wish that the rest of the country could be a forward thinking in taking these dangerous encounters seriously!
# Posted By Joseph Cowley, Jr. | 8/1/09 1:22 PM
These hooligans are rightly charged with a felony. Any reasonable person knows that it's illegal to shoot someone else, and that shooting a person operating a vehicle can result in a crash.

Losing his driver's license for a decent amount of time wouldn't hurt the driver, either.
# Posted By Jack | 8/10/10 1:16 AM