Welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law team!

By Ann Groninger (Bike Law North Carolina) and Peter Wilborn (Bike Law South Carolina and Bike Law Maryland).


We (Ann and Peter) are thrilled to welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law Team. Bob is a guru on bike law. If you don’t already know, Bob is a Portland, OR attorney and cycling advocate who handles bicycle accidents and stands up for cyclists’ rights across the country. He is also a former U.S. Olympic and professional cyclist. Bob is a nationally-published author whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Esquire and VeloNews. He is currently a columnist for Bicycling Magazine and his column Road Rights can be read here. His book Bicycling & The Law is the first legal book written for cyclists since 1895. He can now be reached through the website, BikeLaw.com.

Bob joining Bike Law will allow us to provide the highest level of service to cyclists across the country. Stay tuned for more big news in the coming weeks, as more lawyers in other states join the Bike Law Network!


This article, Welcome Bob Mionske to the Bike Law team!, was originally published on Bike Law on January 27, 2014.

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New at BicycleLaw.com: VeloRadio

Yesterday,  we announced that BicycleLaw.com now has a Facebook page, and a YouTube channel. We also announced that some other changes were underway at BicycleLaw.com.

Today, we're pleased to unveil one of those changes, with the most recent addition to BicycleLaw.com: VeloRadio.

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New at BicycleLaw.com


We have some new developments here at BicycleLaw.com that we’re excited about and want to share with you.

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Road Rights



Nearly two months ago, I announced that, following my final Legally Speaking column, I would continue to write about the fight for cyclists’ rights in a new column for Bicycling magazine.

I am pleased to announce that my new column—Road Rights—is finally here. The first online edition of Road Rights, a column about the new commuter tax benefit, was posted on March 19th; the online column will run bimonthly. The first print Road Rights column will be in the May edition of Bicycling, appearing on newsstands April 7th.


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After VeloNews, The Road Ahead



As I noted in my most recent Legally Speaking column, I first became acquainted with VeloNews as a young, aspiring racer. I still remember the excitement of seeing my name in the results section a few years later. Over the years, I occasionally submitted articles, such as a a race journal, or cold-weather riding tips. A few years after graduating from law school, I approached then-online editor Charles Pelkey about writing a bicycle law column for VeloNews. He agreed, and Legally Speaking was born. Over the years, the column has grown from an occasional legal column into a regular vehicle for advancing the cause of cyclists' rights. The column would not be the success it is without the contributions and interest of an incredibly committed readership. Following on the success of the column, Charles suggested that I write a book on bicycle law, and with Rick Bernardi's help and the guidance of VeloPress, Bicycling & the Law became a reality--the first book for cyclists on their rights and responsibilities since the publication of The Rights and Liabilities of Wheelmen in 1895.

Thus, it is with mixed feelings that I announced that today's  column will be my final Legally Speaking column for VeloNews.

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