The Bicycle Casino  More Than A Passion For Bikes

 According to the National Sporting Goods Association, more than 35.6 million Americans age 7 and older have ridden a bike at least 6 times in 2013. Plus, bicycle sales during the same year have reached the impressive figure of $5.8 billion – accessories and related parts included. In other words, there are hundreds of millions of bike riders at a global level – and this site justifies its existence by that is wishes to provide legal advice and help to all riders who have fallen victim to accidents and bike-related injuries. But bike riders have other things in common as well, besides their need to physically and legally protect themselves: a passion for their wheels and the vivid sensations they experience when cruising around the city. But have you heard of the Bicycle Casino?


What Is the Bicycle Casino?


Many bike riders also share a common interest that revolves around casinos, and if you’ve seen the Numb3rs TV series episode in which a successful card-counter who also had a passion for bike repair was murdered, you too must be familiar with the Bicycle Casino. The famous poker room is located in California and it was created by George Hardie Sr. back in 1984. Ever since, it was provided the poker enthusiasts with a large number of poker games and, including the very special games of California blackjack and panguingue. A large number of poker and blackjack varieties can also be found online on more than three thousand virtual gambling venues; onlinetopcasino is one of the specialized sites that provides unbiased reviews of top, secure, trustworthy casinos. For example, you can click here for Europa casino review and find out what sort of games, bonuses, and customer support service you should expect. There are more than 300 games hosted by Europa Casino and the welcome bonus deal is currently worthy up to 2,400 for new players, so it’s worth a try.

Getting back to the Bicycle Casino, the place was financed by a drug money launderer and the venue also became the property of the US Government for several year in the nineties. It currently hosts the Legends of Poker tournament initiated in 1995 which also comprised the popular World Poker Tour. As the first land casino that ever broadcasted live games of poker over the web via its Live at The Bike series, the casino grew in popularity for both passionate gamblers and bike riders.

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