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A Facebook fan sent us the following tale of an encounter in Alice Springs, Australia this past weekend; as you will see, it was too good not to share:

Can’t stop grinning right now. So we were riding home from a great morning ride with friends, followed by some coffee. (It is not even 9am and it is Saturday so the roads are fairly empty). Eric and I were riding two abreast which is totally legal (and there was a whole other EMPTY lane next to us). A guy comes up behind us in his car and honks at us. Okay, fine we are used to that, whatever. So he ends up catching the red light and we catch up to him and he proceeds to yell at us and tell us to get off the road and that he “Pays to use the roads.” hahaha! I never actually understand this argument because um…so do we! Everyone pays for the roads!

Anyway, so as he is busy screaming at us he doesn’t see that the light has turned green. So we tell him the light is green and he then peels out in front of us. So THEN the cop who was also at the intersection to the right of us sees this and turns on his lights. So we all proceed down Larapinta and I am just PRAYING that the cop car saw the guy being a jerk off and is actually going to pull him over. And…HE DID!!!!!!! He pulled the guy over!!! WOOHOO!!! Score one for the cyclists! The best and funniest part is that as we passed him on the side of the road, Eric told me not to taunt him but I couldn’t help it so instead I just stared at the guy as we road past. He had a few nice greetings for me which included the F word. hahahahahah! Then I screamed….YESSSSSS!!! Really loud.

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But it gets better and better!

Our friend Kathryn mentioned to her friend (a police officer) our story and guess what, HE was the cop that pulled the guy over! Oh man…I freaking LOVE this town!! So she gave us his card and we went to the Police Station to give him a statement. We told him our story and he said that they had tried to find us after he pulled the guy over so they could get our side of the story. So cool! We told him that the guy was yelling at us and peeled out in front of us causing lots of smoke and heat in our faces. They call it a Burn Out here and that is illegal so they think they can get him on that and impound his car!!! He said the guy was still yelling about the cyclist when he pulled him over, haha! He was telling the cops how it was our fault. Um…what?? The cop was amazing!! He said he was bemused by the fact that there were two lanes and nobody on the roads so he doesn’t know why the guy was so upset either. This day gets better and better! Alice Springs Cops are totally awesome! Thank you! Thank you! Oh, and he also said they LOVE Facebook because they are able to catch people via Facebook. haha. This one is definitely a win for cyclists and it has made our day…our week…our year!