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Founded in 2000 by Olympian, national champion and former professional racer Bob Mionske, Bicycle Law provides legal resources for cyclists. Whether it is bicycle safety, what to do after a crash, or how to protect your rights, Bicycle Law has the resources cyclists need.

A bicycle state of mind

Coastal roads that leave riders breathless. Mountain passes that make them gasp. Urban environments that motivate and challenge the cycling commuter. That’s California. Whether you’re a family bicyclist toting kids to school, a single track purist, an all-weather commuter, a fixie whipper, or a spandex-clad roadie, California’s terrain beckons you. California still has a long way to go as a cycling paradise, though. Motor vehicle and bike conflicts occur all too often. When they do, the cyclists tend to be the ones worse for wear from the encounters.

If you have a legal issue – a California bicycle crash, road use question, or advocacy issue, contact us at 866-VELOLAW (866-835-6529) or

Our California-based resource is Emison Cooper & Cooper LLP. More information about their lawyers focused on bicycle crashes:

Miles B. Cooper

Theo J. Emison

Maryanne B. Cooper

Francesca M. Bannerman

 About Bicycle Law

Bicycle Law fights for cyclists’ rights and provides resources for cyclists who have been hurt.

 Legal Issues for Cyclists

Find out how to handle bicycle accidents, insurance issues, defective cycling products and traffic tickets.

 Bicycle Safety

How to avoid car-on-bike accidents, emergency maneuvers every cyclist should know, how to avoid bike theft and more.

Bicycle Law, founded in 2000 by Olympian, national champion, and former professional racer Bob Mionske, devotes itself to fighting for cyclists’ rights in the San Francisco bay area, California, and beyond. To read some of Bob’s work, check out his columns, Legally Speaking and Road Rights, and his book Bicycling & the Law.

Emison Hullverson did an excellent job representing me for a wrong perpetrated on me by another party. I was run into by the defendant while riding my bike and the highway patrol completely screwed up the accident report and blamed me. I suffered extensive personal injury and destruction of my very expensive bicycle. Emison Hullverson’s hard work, experience and extensive network of contacts allowed them to shine the light on the truth of what happened, completely refuting the defendant’s false story and the highway patrol’s bad investigation. Without Emison Hullverson, I would have recovered nothing. I would highly recommend Emison Hullverson to anyone seeking counsel.

Russ S.hit by car in bike crossing while commuting from Sausalito to work

Emison Hullverson represented me in an injury case in which I was hit by a water truck while riding my bicycle. Their representation was the difference between fair and unfair compensation. They were very thorough in determining my injuries and persistent in obtaining any information pertinent to my case. Theo (who handled my case) was always available for questions and responded in a timely manner. He and his staff were highly approachable, efficient and informative about the process at hand. He was a great advisor and I would highly recommend him and his office for anybody seeking legal assistance for injury.

Leah S.Hit from behind by a water delivery truck while riding her bike

It was bad and unlucky to get involved in a car accident and lose several teeth, but it is lucky that I decided to invite Theo and his office to represent me. They are very nice, considerate, professional and efficient. All I needed to do was to give them the case details, and then they just sorted everything out. Of course during the whole process, Theo would respond to any questions I had promptly, and would give full consideration of my situation. The case was solved in an efficient manner with a favorable outcome. The large bills got covered and my sufferings got reimbursed. I would highly recommend Theo and his office to anyone who might need help in personal injury cases.

Ying Z.Doored by parked car while riding her bike home from work

Emison Hullverson took it on with no problems and walked me through everything I needed to know. They worked closely with my family and me to work out each and every issue. Theo and his team had spectacular communication, they could be reached by email or phone at almost all times to answer any questions.

Samantha M.

Best of all, the high measure of professionalism of Theo and his staff insured that I never had to think about any of the details and was able to get on with my life. Theo is fantastic and I highly recommend him and his services to anyone in need.

Colin D.

The conference calls and written communique that you made available not only kept us abreast of the litigation proceedings, but more importantly, provided a great deal of comfort knowing that our daughter was in the hands of an extremely competent and caring law office.

Dorothy and Paul R.

Theo's approach to his work is that of boundless dedication coupled with an expertise in his practice. The somewhat intimidating language was always delivered in a way that I was never left questioning. I have much gratitude and respect for Theo and highly recommend him in his field.

Taylor R.

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