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Our Approach

We lift the worry, stress, and concern off bicyclists’ shoulders to allow them to focus on the physical and emotional recovery. We take on all aspects of the claims process, including all paperwork, litigation, settlement negotiations, and when necessary, trial. We do not relent without obtaining justice.

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Our Culture

We obtain the best results for our clients when satisfied team members practice compassion and civility despite the legal system’s adversarial process. We collaborate, we learn, and we grow professionally and personally while engaging in challenging work. We love helping people and we love what we do.

Our Values


What we mean: Driven. Passionate. Tenacious. Diligent. Hard working.

How we act: We do not quit. We look at every angle, explore every approach, investigate every nook and cranny, research all options, and once we have information mastery, we tighten the net. Should the terrain change, we are skilled in judo law, embracing the unexpected and redeploying it to our advantage.


What we mean: Devoted. Dependable. Dedicated. Reliable. Responsive.

How we act: We provide stability and support. You’ll be able to rely on us to dedicate all our energy and resources to helping you. We rely on each other. We do what we say, and we say what we do.


What we mean: Direct. Principled. Succinct. Transparent. Articulate.

How we act: We’ll tell it like it is. We make sure others know where we stand. We acknowledge weaknesses and in doing so reinforce our strengths in a simple and clear style.


What we mean: Compassion. Understanding. Kindness. Courteous. Care.

How we act: We look at matters from all sides to understand all perspectives. We act with kindness and care. Our ultimate goal is to understand in fullness and help.


What we mean: Informed. Curious. Open. Relatable. Team players. Serious and playful.

How we act: We work together, bringing everyone into the fold, to work through issues and achieve solutions. This includes everyone – our team, you, and the opposition so that we can understand their position and help them embrace ours. When we get to decisionmakers like arbitrators, judges, and juries, we empower them to be part of our team on our quest for justice.


What we mean: Discerning. Experienced. Judgment. Smarts.

How we act: We apply deep thinking along with decades of experience as we consider problems, responses, and solutions. We recognize egos and emotion influence decision-making. We acknowledge them, accept their influence, and unweight them from our analysis. When confronted with options we remain open to outcome. We do not rush to act. When being decisive, we do so deliberately.

Our Generous Benefits Package Includes:

Health Plan

Retirement Matching Plan

Competitive Vacation Policy

Active Transportation Incentives

PTO For Staff Professional
Development Activities

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