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We don’t sell our gear. We provide it to those who want to sport the Green Rider and request that they make a donation to the bike advocacy group of their choice – for example Calbike.

Want something? Shoot us an email. Explain who you are, what you’d like, and we’ll make it happen. For caps and winter weight caps please include your preferred size: Kids, S/M, or L/XL.

Green Rider – rondel or sticker

True, she’s yellow. And black. But the silhouetted rider, on a field of what has been come to be known in traffic engineering circles as Kermit green, is very much green indeed. She grabs a bike instead of getting into a car. She evangelizes the throughput potential of protected bike lanes over road expansion. And she fights for cyclist safety. And she does it with smile, because she has the best commute in the world – a commute on two wheels.


The versatility of a cycling cap cannot be overstated. Bill forward and down, it deflects rain and oncoming light glare from the eyes. The fabric under a helmet lessens bug and sting impact at speed. Flipped back, it shades the neck. And remember: it is always a cap (never a hat).

Winter weight cap

Also known as the everyday cap for our fog-laden Bay Area contingent, this wool cap from the fine folks at Walz keeps the head cozy. It also comes in kids’ sizes for those cooler morning family-biking commutes.

Water bottle

What’s better than one Green Rider? A swarm of them in an angled descent down a Purist bottle. Plus it holds water.

Coffee Mug

Thick. The kind of mug that benefits from a touch of hot water to warm it before pouring the coffee in. Wrap those cold riding hands around it and the feeling comes back into those fingers…

Neck Gaiter

Whether you’re riding in cooler conditions, complying with masking requirements, or masterminding a bank heist, our custom Buff neck gaiter performs admirably.

Challenge Coins

You’re minding your own business, doing your normal bike-forward thing, when someone reaches out to shake your hand. Work with us on this – the visual is better if you forget about the whole pandemic thing. In the firm grasp? A chunk of metal – a challenge coin. What’s a challenge coin? A challenge coin proves membership in a specific group, as well as honoring the actions of those who receive them. Want to learn more about the history and significance of challenge coins? Listen to 99% Invisible’s wonderful podcast on them here.

Dark Rider

The Dark Rider, the grayscale sibling to the Green Rider, is rare indeed. A limited-run rondel from Fall Creek Outfitters, it is a symbol of something more. If you see a Dark Rider patch, you’re seeing someone who stood tall on the podium or made a huge community bicycling impact.

Bicycle Law T-shirt