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How we help you

Bicycle Law helps all bicyclists. We take on all aspects of the claims process, including paperwork, litigation, settlement negotiations, and (when necessary) trial — so you can focus on your physical and emotional recovery.

Our Guarantees

You’ll get more with us

Even if you’ve already received an offer from an insurance company, we guarantee you’ll get more money by retaining our firm or we won’t charge a fee.

No fee unless we win

We don’t charge by the hour, nor do we charge any up-front fees. Our fees are a percentage of the case’s outcome, known as a contingency fee.

Our Proven Process


Free 90-minute meeting:

Our initial free session allows us to gather information and provide feedback. We form a road map, discuss next steps, and plan the case strategy.

Evidence gathering:

Collision reports. Witness statements. Photographs. Wage loss. Insurance policy limits. We gather all of this information and more for you.

Pre-lawsuit settlement efforts:

With all of the above information, we negotiate your demand package with the insurance company and keep you updated.


If a case does not resolve to your satisfaction, we proceed to litigation. We keep you informed through this process as we prepare the case for trial or arbitration.

Resolution or trial/arbitration:

98% of cases resolve without going to trial or arbitration. Litigation cases typically go through mediation. If the matter is still not settled, we put the evidence before a jury or arbitrator using our persuasive powers.

Want to learn more?

We’re happy to discuss your situation in more detail. Call us now at (866) 835-6529 or email us for a free initial consultation.


Our work goes well beyond helping people bike crash by bike crash. Bicycle Law works toward change in Washington D.C., at state capitals, and city halls. Our goal? Streets where bicycling, walking, and transit are prioritized so folks decrease car use, engage with each other, get healthy, and reduce pollution.