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san francisco bicycle accident attorney

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney

Miles B. Cooper

Miles Cooper’s passion for bicycling started at a young age. As a Breaking Away era kid, he never looked back after first swinging his leg over a 10-speed. Two wheels meant freedom to roam. And roam he did, growing up on the roads of Salt Lake City, Baltimore, the Bay Area and Los Angeles. Two wheels still mean freedom – freedom to focus on helping cyclists. This devotion means dumping the car for active transportation. Miles bikes to meetings, depositions, and court appearances throughout the San Francisco bay area (don’t worry – he packs a clothing change.) His family lives car-free in San Francisco.

A commitment to two-wheeled-travel gives Miles keen insight into investigating bicycle collisions and how to help the collisions’ victims. Miles not only has a successful track record in bicycle injury and death cases, he is involved in bicycle policy work, advocacy, and publishing on issues like Vision Zero.

Miles’s passion and work for those he represents has taken him further and faster in his career as a personal injury trial lawyer than most of his peers. The invitation-only American Board of Trial Advocates inducted Miles into the organization when he was 39 – one of the youngest inductees in recent history. Miles is known for trying – and winning – jury trials in an era where most lawyers settle.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a cycling incident and want input on how to proceed, please call at (866) 835-6529 or email to for a free consultation.


Miles and Maryanne live car-free in San Francisco with their two children. Miles’s two-wheeled focus provides unique insight when investigating bike collisions. He adventures throughout the City and beyond, using active transportation (bikes, boots, and buses) whenever possible.

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