Been in a crash? Here are the top 10 actions you should take:


Check to see if you’re injured. Adrenalin can mask this so err on the side of caution.

Get help if you’re hurt. An ambulance ride is sometimes expensive, and sometimes worth every penny.

Urgent care clinics can be less expensive if the injuries are not major.

If you are riding alone and hurt, ask someone who looks friendly to take some photos and text them to you. Get the person’s contact information. Important photos are location of the car, bike, you, and impact marks on the bike, car, and pavement.

Get witness contact information. The police typically don’t take down everyone’s information.

Try not to get angry. It is understandable to be upset but doesn’t help.

Ask for a police report. Most departments are required to do so if you ask, even if you don’t choose to go to the hospital.

Take care of yourself first but contact a lawyer as soon as you can. Lawyers will discuss your rights and provide advice for free even if you decide to handle the case yourself. They’ll help you avoid missteps. An early conversation can also help preserve evidence like security camera footage that can disappear.

Don’t post on social media or talk to the insurance company without talking to a lawyer first.

Focus on healing and consider having a lawyer do the heavy lifting for you.

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