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Been in a crash? Follow The First 5 Steps:


Check for injuries.

Adrenaline can mask pain, so err on the side of caution. If you think you need to take an ambulance, do so. If you don’t, urgent care clinics can be a less expensive way to address less-major injuries.


Remain calm.

Easier said than done, but acting in an angry or aggressive manner can mean more difficulty in the short and long term.


Gather information.

Get contact information from anyone else involved in the crash. Take photos of identification and insurance details if possible. Take photos of damage to yourself and your bicycle if you’re able. Get witness contact information (police don’t typically take down everyone’s information). Finally, ask for a police report. Most departments are required to do so if asked, even if you don’t choose to go to a hospital.


Stay silent.

Don’t post on social media or talk to the insurance company without knowing your rights and options.


Get help.

Find an advocate to help you navigate the complex insurance process and the next steps.
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