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Founded in 2000 by Olympian, national champion and former professional racer Bob Mionske, Bicycle Law provides legal resources for cyclists. Whether it is bicycle safety, what to do after a crash, or how to protect your rights, Bicycle Law has the resources cyclists need.

Bridging the gap between cyclists and cars

Oregon. The highest percentage of bicycle commuters in the country. Old logging roads leading to days-long adventures. High desert and coastal mountains providing immensely varied terrain. Portland. A commitment to active transportation that includes the first ever bridge built solely for cyclists, pedestrians, and transit. Oregon provides great promise to cyclists. The promise is a work in progress, though. Conflict persists on the road. Drivers, either distracted, rushing, or both, strike cyclists all too often.

If you have a legal issue – an Oregon bicycle crash, road use question, or advocacy issue, contact us at 866-VELOLAW (866-835-6529) or

Our Oregon-based resource is Bicycle Law founder Bob Mionske’s own firm, The Law Offices of Bob Mionske.

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 About Bicycle Law

Bicycle Law fights for cyclists’ rights and provides resources for cyclists who have been hurt.

 Legal Issues for Cyclists

Find out how to handle bicycle accidents, insurance issues, defective cycling products and traffic tickets.

 Bicycle Safety

How to avoid car-on-bike accidents, emergency maneuvers every cyclist should know, how to avoid bike theft and more.

Bicycle Law, founded in 2000 by Olympian, national champion, and former professional racer Bob Mionske, devotes itself to fighting for cyclists’ rights in the Portland area, Oregon, and beyond. To read some of Bob’s work, check out his columns, Legally Speaking and Road Rights, and his book Bicycling & the Law.

Member of the Bike Law Network is a member of Bike Law, a national network of dedicated and highly experienced cycling attorneys who focus on cycling advocacy and the protection of injured cyclists across the country.

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When the Beatles were in the studio recording what has gone down in music history as “the most important rock & roll album ever made,” Paul McCartney, working on one of his songs, sang “it’s getting better all the time”… to which John Lennon countered “it couldn’t get no worse.”

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Court Rules That Even On A Bicycle, It’s Reckless Driving

The San Francisco Chronicle: Court rules that even on a bicycle, it's reckless driving Bob Egelko Monday, July 21, 2014 Bicycles are, for the most part, less dangerous than cars…
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Letter: Cyclists Are Not A Menace On The Roads

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Bicyclists Rally To Demand Safer Streets

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Road Rights – Taking On The Bullies

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Road Rights- Not So Slow

A common misconception about cyclists is that we are in the way of drivers. In fact, motorists often underestimate just how quickly a bike can travel—a mistake that can result…
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Road Rights – No Crime, No Punishment

Why do dangerous drivers receive more protection from the law than their victims do? By Bob Mionske When a dangerous driver injures somebody, or takes another person’s life, we pretend…
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Road Rights – There’s Another Way

In the US and the Netherlands, two children on bikes are struck by cars—and the responses couldn’t be more different By Bob Mionske The driver who hit Burgess Hu never…
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Bicycling and The Law

Bob Mionske is the author of “Bicycling & The Law,” the first legal book written for cyclists since 1895. The book makes the law both entertaining and understandable and is a definitive resource answering bicycle-related legal questions.