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Founded in 2000 by Olympian, national champion and former professional racer Bob Mionske, Bicycle Law provides legal resources for cyclists. Whether it is bicycle safety, what to do after a crash, or how to protect your rights, Bicycle Law has the resources cyclists need.

Every cyclist needs bicycle law

We ride. We know the joy of traveling off the beaten path, of urban exploration, of commutes we treasure instead of dread. We’ve felt wind in our face and wiped road grit from our eyes. But we’ve also felt the brush of the rear view mirror from the driver – inattentively or intentionally – blasting by too close.

We’ve gone down. We know what it feels like when bones crunch, when surgeons need plates and screws to put us back together. The tediously slow healing process when all we want is to spin the pedals, ride our normal commute, and explore again.

We’ve gotten up. Up to ride, to fight for cycling rights, and to help others in need.

We are Bicycle Law. Let us help you.

 About Bicycle Law

Bicycle Law fights for cyclists’ rights and provides resources for cyclists who have been hurt.

 Legal Issues for Cyclists

Find out how to handle bicycle accidents, insurance issues, defective cycling products and traffic tickets.

 Bicycle Safety

How to avoid car-on-bike accidents, emergency maneuvers every cyclist should know, how to avoid bike theft and more.

If you have been hit by a car while on your bicycle, you don’t need a lawyer, you need a bicycle lawyer.

Bret PoolAdvertising Executive - Aliso Viejo, CA

I was hit while riding my bike. My leg will never be the same and I needed fair compensation. My first attorney told me to expect no more than $4,000. Thanks to BicycleLaw, I settled the case for $100,000.

Store ManagerMadison, WI

While on a training ride, I was hit by a motorist. I hired Bob Mionske at Bicyclaw as my attorney because, as a former bike racer, he understood that I should be compensated for losing part of my season.

Chris McGovernProfessional Cyclist - Team Jelly Belly - Salt Lake City, UT

The driver who ran me over didn’t think it was his fault, the lawyers at BicycleLaw secured the policy limit from his insurance company.

Pat CarrellMaster Racer - Windsor, CA

When I was injured because of a poor design I wanted someone that knew the cycling industry from the inside out and who would be tough as nails.

Paul FloydFinancial Analyst & Land Lease Negotiator - Redwood City, CA

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Vigilante Cyclists Reunite Owners With Stolen Bikes

Chicago Reader: Vigilante cyclists reunite owners with stolen bikes Fed up with bike theft, Chicago cyclists are doing online investigations, setting up sting operations with police, and confronting the criminals…
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Court Rules That Even On A Bicycle, It’s Reckless Driving

The San Francisco Chronicle: Court rules that even on a bicycle, it's reckless driving Bob Egelko Monday, July 21, 2014 Bicycles are, for the most part, less dangerous than cars…
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Letter: Cyclists Are Not A Menace On The Roads

The Montreal Gazette: Letter: Cyclists are not a menace on the roads The Montreal Gazette July 20, 2014 Re: “Frustrations on the road” (Letters, July 18) Roman Dmytriw’s claim that…
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Bicyclists Rally To Demand Safer Streets

The Times-Picayune: Bicyclists rally to demand safer streets By Jonathan Bullington, | The Times-Picayune on July 18, 2014 at 9:20 PM, updated July 19, 2014 at 7:59 AM The…
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Road Rights – Taking On The Bullies

Cheryl, a former client of mine, was riding one of her regular routes, one she had ridden probably hundreds of times before. The only thing on her mind was whether…
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Road Rights- Not So Slow

A common misconception about cyclists is that we are in the way of drivers. In fact, motorists often underestimate just how quickly a bike can travel—a mistake that can result…
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Road Rights – No Crime, No Punishment

Why do dangerous drivers receive more protection from the law than their victims do? By Bob Mionske When a dangerous driver injures somebody, or takes another person’s life, we pretend…
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Road Rights – There’s Another Way

In the US and the Netherlands, two children on bikes are struck by cars—and the responses couldn’t be more different By Bob Mionske The driver who hit Burgess Hu never…
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Bicycling and The Law

Bob Mionske is the author of “Bicycling & The Law,” the first legal book written for cyclists since 1895. The book makes the law both entertaining and understandable and is a definitive resource answering bicycle-related legal questions.