Is BUI like DUI?

By Rick Bernardi, J.D.

Should bicycling under the influence (dubbed “BUI” by Bob Mionske) be legal? Should it be illegal? And if it is illegal, what is the proper penalty?

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Bike The Vote

By Rick Bernardi

Tomorrow, the nation heads to the polls. Of course, the election that is on everybody’s mind is the one that determines which candidate will be our President for the next four years. But as in every general election, there’s more on the ballot to consider.

In the 2010 election, a Republican tidal wave inundated the House of Representatives, sweeping in Republican control and sweeping many Democratic Congressman out of the Capitol. One of the most stunning losses for cyclists was Representative Jim Oberstar of Minnesota, who had been a long-time champion of cycling issues in Congress, and as Chair of the House Transportation Committee, had actually been in a position to include support for cycling in federal transportation policy.

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Jerry Brown 2.0: Bicycle Crank?

By Rick Bernardi

There was a time when California had the nation’s hippest, most innovative, progressive young Governor. I grew up in that California, and Jerry Brown was about as different a politician as you could find in a Governor’s mansion, or anywhere else. In fact, Jerry Brown didn’t even live in the Governor’s mansion. Thinking the mansion too ostentatious, Brown preferred sleeping on the floor of a modest Sacramento apartment. And instead of being chauffeured in the Governor’s limousine, Brown drove a Plymouth Satellite to work.

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Aggressive and Unsafe Drivers vs. Cyclists, Round Two

Last year, California nearly joined the growing ranks of states that are enacting 3-foot passing laws. The California Legislature did its part, passing a law and sending it to the Governor’s desk. But Governor Brown shocked California cycling advocates when he vetoed the legislation. As if the veto wasn’t shocking enough—placing him "squarely in Governor Rick Perry territory”—his rationale for vetoing the safety legislation was at least as shocking. As Bob Mionske wrote at that time,

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Tips On Working With Elected Leaders

Bicycle Transportation Allince: Tips On Working With Elected Leaders

February 08, 2012 | by Gerik Kransky | Posted in Advocacy

As we struggle with a bad transportation bill in Washington, D.C., now is the time to work directly with elected leaders and their staff. Doing so effectively requires care and attention to some basic advocacy skills.

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