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‘Arrogant’ Poole Cyclist Found Guilty After Bournemouth Prom Incident

By March 8, 2010October 17th, 2021No Comments

The Daily Echo: ‘Arrogant’ Poole cyclist found guilty after Bournemouth prom incident

7:00pm Monday 8th March 2010

By Paula Roberts »

AN “arrogant” cyclist was yesterday found guilty of assaulting two people who told him to slow down as he raced along Bournemouth promenade.

Nicholas Rowntree, 43, of Market Street, Poole, struck seafront manager Chris Saunders with the wheel of his bike as he performed a 360-degree spin in front of him and shoved a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO).

Rowntree told Bournemouth Magistrates’ Court that he was “infuriated” with “council busybodies telling me how to ride a bike”.

Both incidents happened on June 25 last year as Rowntree made his way on his £1,000-mountain bike from Sandbanks to Bournemouth.

Prosecutor Tim Concannon said Mr Saunders spotted Rowntree “swerving erratically with no hands on his handle bars in and out of the public”.

Mr Saunders told the court he shouted at Rowntree to slow down and had to fend him off with his arms to stop him cycling into him.

He said Rowntree shouted an expletive towards him, then cycled on for about 20 metres before skidding and racing back towards him.

“As he got within a couple of meters he swerved the bike around another 180 degrees, threw the back wheel around and as it come across it struck me on the leg,” said Mr Saunders Minutes later PCSO Hannah Ward rushed to a set of barriers that had been put up to stop Rowntree.

PCSO Ward said she held her left arm out and shouted at Rowntree to stop but he “shoved” her with his arm as he passed Defending, Mark Hensleigh said Rowntree denied making any contact with Mr Saunders or PCSO Ward. He said his client believed there is a “bad attitude from council staff towards cyclists on the seafront”.

District judge Roger House said CCTV showed Rowntree “motoring” along the promenade and said: “You are arrogant.”

He sentenced him to a two-year conditional discharge and ordered him to pay £300 costs.