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Bicyclist Injured In Main Ave. Crash

By April 23, 2012October 23rd, 2021No Comments

The Durango Herald: Bicyclist injured in Main Ave. crash

Man failed to yield while cycling through crosswalk, officer said

By Ann Butler Article Last Updated: Monday, April 23, 2012 

A bicyclist was injured Monday evening when attempting to cross Main Avenue at the Animas View Drive intersection.

The cyclist was identified a 21-year-old Joshua Clark.

“The bicycle rider got his noggin thumped and didn’t remember what had happened,” Sgt. John Ball with the Durango Police Department said. “But the driver of the Jeep and a couple of independent witnesses said he came up to the pedestrian crosswalk paused, then for whatever reason, rode his bike into the crosswalk and oncoming traffic.”

Clark, whom Ball believes is a local resident, was taken to Mercy Regional Medical Center by Durango Fire & Rescue Authority.

Ball said Clark didn’t appear to have any broken bones, but he did have a possible head injury. The sergeant did not know the name of the Jeep’s driver.

“Because he was riding his bicycle in the crosswalk instead of walking, he’s at fault for failing to yield,” Ball, the patrol supervisor, said about Clark. “We probably won’t cite him because he’s going to have some tremendous hospital bills. If he had dismounted and walked, he would have been entitled to all the privileges of a pedestrian, but when you ride in a crosswalk, you’re at fault.”

Ball said the Jeep skidded for at least 50 feet as the driver attempted to avoid hitting Clark. The Jeep ended up with its front wheel on top of the bike’s front wheel.

“There was no damage to the Jeep, and the driver wasn’t injured,” Ball said.

The bicycle was destroyed.