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Bicyclist’s Family: Charge Other Driver, Too

By December 18, 2009October 17th, 2021No Comments

The Chicagoist: Bicyclist’s Family: Charge Other Driver, Too

As the family of Jepson Livingston continues to reel from his death, members of his family are demanding that the second driver involved in the incident that killed him be charged. Tyrice Pryor, 21, is being held on $2 million bond with a first-degree murder charge for striking and killing Jepson on Tuesday afternoon. Pryor was driving a van that was chasing another vehicle. The cars were speeding east on Diversey when they collided, sending one crashing through a gate in front of an auto shop while the van Pryor was driving careened across the street and struck Livingston, who was riding his bike west-bound. Part of the incident was captured by surveillance video which police have been using to try to identify those involved.

Jepson’s uncle, Edward Ziemba, said:

“It’s useless. Someone lost their life over two idiots…Everybody involved, including the (driver) in the other van, should face justice. I was handling this really well until I saw the video and I see these people walking nonchalantly out of their van, no compassion about my nephew who is laying on the ground dying, and they don’t care.”

Pryor’s relatives agree. His brother told the Tribune: “The police are taking him out of the situation and making him a victim to trump up charges against my brother.” Police are still investigating and refused to say if there would be additional charges in the case.

As for the cause? ABC 7 reports:

During the court hearing Thursday, officials said Pryor had just purchased a vehicle another man wanted. That other man ran into Pryor minutes earlier and confronted him about it. Pryor started driving down the street, bumping his van into the other man’s vehicle over and over until he eventually lost control and hit Livingston.

A visitation for Jepson will be held from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. this Sunday at Christian Funeral Home (3100 W. Irving Park Rd.).