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Bicyclists Find A Winning Formula During Septa Strike

By November 4, 2009October 23rd, 2021No Comments

KYW: Bicyclists Find a Winning Formula During Septa Strike

by KYW’s Hadas Kuznits

Without public transportation, some people are turning to their bicycles to get around.

Center city bicyclists say that trying to get around the city during a Septa strike is different from getting around when public transportation is available:

(Male cyclist #1:) “There’s definitely a lot more cars. I mean, everything’s really backed up. I’ve easily been able to pass every single car that’s getting stopped at lights and everything.”

(Female cyclist:) “I just think it’s a really good alternative. It’s cheap and easy, and now that there’s (bike) lanes, I think people are less afraid to get out and ride. So I think they will.”

Chris Bates, with the bicycle store Bike Line at 11th and Arch Streets in center city, says that with the strike comes more business:

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in bike repairs due to people coming in because of the strike. Bike sales haven’t really gone up much, but everyone’s got bikes sitting at home that they want fixed, and it’s a cheaper way to go.”

But some bicyclists say they would ride even if there wasn’t a Septa strike:

(Male cyclist #2:) “I’m always a cyclist. I don’t use public transport very much.”

(Kuznits:) “Why is that?”

(Male cyclist #2:) “Not reliable. So I stick with my bike, because I can trust it.”