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‘Bike Rage’ Highlighted As Police Target Bad Cyclists

By October 26, 2009October 23rd, 2021No Comments

Cambridge News: ’Bike rage’ highlighted as police target bad cyclists

A CYCLIST smashed into a car, carrying a mother and child, in a terrifying bike rage attack in Cambridge.

The rider deliberately rammed his bike into the car, in Garlic Row, at the junction with Newmarket Road, causing dents and scratches.

The attack has been highlighted as, tonight, police take to the city streets to crack down on anti-social cyclists.

Officers will be targeting cyclists who flout traffic laws, including riding without lights, using pavements and running traffic lights.

Speaking about the bike rage attack, Sgt Gordon Morganthaler said: “We will not tolerate people acting that way whether cyclists or motorists.

“There are collisions but that is no excuse for causing damage or attacking people.

“They need to be calm and aware of what is going on around them.

Getting angry can lead to serious consequences.”

And anti-social cyclists flouting the law will get a £30 fine – and free bike lessons or new lights.

Officers will be out in force for a week-long crackdown to coincide with the end of daylight saving time. Last year, hundreds of fines were issued.

Joining officers on Wednesday night, will be a film crew from ITV1’s Tonight show who are shooting a documentary on bike rage.

Police have appealed for information about the Garlic Row bike rage attack.

A Cambridgeshire police spokeswoman said: “A mother was in a car with her child driving towards the junction of Garlic Row and Newmarket Road.

“She was going to turn left but had to stop to give way to other cars when she heard a loud bang.

“A cyclist had deliberately rammed his bike into her car causing damage. She looked in her mirror and saw the cyclist speed off back along Garlic Row. He was angry because he had to stop and cycle around her car.”

The cyclist is described as in his late 20s to 30 years old with brownish ginger hair, unshaven and of a slim build. He was wearing a long green parka coat and was riding a road bike. The incident happened at 1.10pm on W ednesday.