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Bike Riding Banned In Colorado Town

By June 19, 2010October 17th, 2021No Comments

eCanadaNews: Bike Riding Banned In Colorado Town

Posted by Staff on Jun 19th, 2010

The town of Black Hawk in Colorado has banned cyclists from riding while in town. Cycling advocates say that Black Hawk is the only town in the country to impose such a ban.

While the motion is still being put through; many advocates are calling this ban illegal and intend to challenege the order. The law itself states that cyclists must come off of their bikes and walk them through the town of about 100 people. Police have begun issuing 68 dollar tickets to those who do not comply.

Black Hawk city manager Michael Copp said that eight sitations have been given since the ban was first imposed and that the law will not change as the city’s council feels it made the right decision. While not due to any accidents, Copp did state that the law was proposed after an increase in bus and truck traffic through the town. Perhaps this was just a percautionary measure.

Many find it irritating to know that the law was imposed just as Congress let out a report that indicated that Americans are more likely to walk or bike as a means of transportation.

A report assessing the trends in bicycle and walking showed that the federal government allocated 1.2 billion dollars last year to help the roads become more pedestrial friendly. Bicycling rates have gone up nearly 8 percent in the last 20 years.