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Chicago Trains Officers on Cycling Laws

By September 12, 2009October 23rd, 2021No Comments

Greater Greater Washington: Chicago trains officers on cycling laws

The Chicago police created a great video describing the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists. In many cities, officers not familiar with the laws often incorrectly ticket bicyclists when drivers turn across their path unsafely, hit them with doors, or pass too close. After crashes, police reports too often unfairly blame the cyclist, or officers resist taking a police report from a cyclist.

A Chicago PD officer narrates this video, and interviews fellow officers who bicycle about the many hazards they encounter. They emphasize that “bikes belong on the road,” and say, “”The public counts on us to keep the roads safe, and to protect those who are at the greatest risk.”

One of my favorite parts is when the narrating officer says, “Failure to [check for bikes before opening a door] can cause a dangerous crash, what bicyclists call ’dooring,’ and we call ’Violation MCC 9-80-035 Open Door In Traffic.’” Watch out for those MCC 9-80-035s out there, folks.