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Cycling Deaths Spur Road Safety Review

By November 14, 2011October 23rd, 2021No Comments

The Toronto Sun: Cycling deaths spur road safety review


TORONTO – Ontario officials will review road safety following the horrific deaths of two female cyclists.

Bob Chiarelli, the Ontario minister of transportation and infrastructure, said he will ask his officials to look at measures to make streets friendlier for cyclists.

“I’m going to ask my officials to review the infrastructure requirements for cycling on our roads and I’ll also do that as minister of transportation” Chiarelli said Monday. “The matter hasn’t been brought to the attention of cabinet or any cabinet committees at this point but it will be.”

The review follows similar tragedies in Toronto and Ottawa over the past month.

Jenna Morrison, a pregnant 38-year-old mom riding her bike to pick up her five-year son at school, was killed in Toronto’s west end when she was hit by a turning truck.

In Ottawa, cyclist Danielle Nacu died in October after a motorist opened a car door, knocking her under the wheels of another vehicle.

“I think there is significant concern,” Chiarelli said. “I have two daughters, two adult daughters, who often commute to work in Ottawa and quite frankly as a parent, I often worry about them because they’re a lot more vulnerable, anybody’s a lot more vulnerable, on a bicycle than they are in a car.”