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Cyclisme: Bob Mionske Practices Law

By August 12, 2008October 19th, 2021No Comments

This news article featuring Bob Mionske has been reproduced here for our media archives. To access the original article, follow the link.


Cyclisme: Bob Mionske practices Law

American Cycling Lore

b.i.k.e. Board Member Bob Mionske, didn’t change after he finished fourth in the Olympic Road Race. Nor did he change when Captain of the USA Cycling National Team and a young triathalon Natz Champ named Lance Armstrong was invited to join the team.

Bob was destined for the Law, and for the intellectual realm. His long running column in Velo News recently became a highly touted book about cycling legalities.

Once in a pizza break on a b.i.k.e. ride Bob gave a little talk about the Law for the Kids. When young Jammaal asked Bob about the interpretative balance used in adjudicating traffic law, Bob stopped cold. Jammal had this scenario of a cyclist going the wrong way just as a drunk person opens the car door into the cyclist, etc.

Bob’s interest and spirit of debate possessed him.

Jammall and Bob went to a question and answer volley that lasted for three minutes easy. Both knights of adversarial council in each other’s eyes by the end of the debate, for sure. The rest of the room sat stunned, or clapped.

We rolled out into the crisp fall air yacking energetically like ducks flying in a V.

It was just another rare life moment so common in the sphere of Cyclisme.