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Cyclist Hit By Truck Driver Says Incident Was Intentional

By November 14, 2012October 23rd, 2021No Comments

WPXI Pittsburgh: Cyclist hit by truck driver in Squirrel Hill says incident was intentional

PITTSBURGH — A bicyclist said he was intentionally run down by a pickup truck in Squirrel Hill on Tuesday.

Police said they are searching for the driver who ran the cyclist off the road near the intersection of Wilkins and South Negley Avenues.

Nick Drombosky said he cracked his helmet and hit his head on the pavement when the driver swerved and hit him. Drombosky said he was hit when he put his hand out to warn the driver that he was getting too close to him.

“To me, somebody attacking me with a car is no different than somebody attacking me with a gun. I mean, they’re both deadly weapons,” Drombosky said. “He just cuts it right into me. Then the truck hits my shoulder and then I kind of remember grabbing onto the mirror a little bit and then just ended up on the ground.”

Drombosky was taken to a nearby hospital and checked for head injuries. He said he suffered a torn ligament in his shoulder.

Police said they have a description of the truck and its license plate, but so far no arrests have been made.