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Cyclist Hopes to Fight Lasalle’s Bike Ban

By September 26, 2009October 18th, 2021No Comments

The Windsor Star: Cyclist hopes to fight LaSalle’s bike ban

Wants to get bikes back in Brunet Park


WINDSOR, Ont. — A LaSalle bike enthusiast is hoping to launch a cycling advocacy group similar to Windsor’s to fight the ban on bikes in Brunet Park.

“I was disappointed in council’s decision,” said Dylan Lanspeary, an avid cyclist who has been mountain biking in Brunet Park since it became a public park in 1990.

“I would have hoped our officials would have done professional research before making such a decision.”

On Tuesday LaSalle council voted 4-2 to block off all the biking trails and allow only walking, bird watching and hiking on the park’s trails.

Lanspeary said reaction from the cycling community in LaSalle has been strong and he has decided to form the LaSalle Bicycle Association, modeled after the Windsor Bicycling Committee.

He is hoping the group can help advise LaSalle town staff about the wants and needs of bicyclists.

The decision made about Brunet Park did not involve input from cyclists, he said.

“I’m not aware of any other municipalities that ban and target specific use,” said Lanspeary.

“Some will have specific areas dedicated to cycling, but not an outright ban.”

The town has said they have to ban cycling in the woodlot because it is deteriorating due to extreme use.

Lanspeary is planning to hold a press conference at Brunet Park on Monday night.

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