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Driver Walks From Possible Hit-And-Run Case; Bicyclists Plan Protest Ride

By February 22, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

LA Daily: Driver Walks From Possible Hit-And-Run Case; Bicyclists Plan Protest Ride

By Dennis Romero, Monday, Feb. 22 2010 @ 3:02PM

A Porsche driver who allegedly struck a bicyclist downtown then left the scene only to report the accident later is being allowed to walk as any possible case against her was apparently eschewed by the City Attorney’s and District Attorney’s offices.

The Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition is planning a demonstration and ride to the Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee meeting Wednesday in order to make a point about the case, according to L.A. Streetsblog. Riders will follow the victim’s route to work that day and then attempt to address police Chief Charlie Beck.

Bicycle proponents say that city worker Ed Magos was struck from behind Jan. 6 on East Second Street as he peddled toward his job at City Hall. They allege the Porsche driver ignored the injured man’s pleas for help and took off, only to end up at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Rampart Division to report she had hit something.

The pro-bikers claim that the LAPD then issued a press release denying the incident was a hit-and-run, but subsequently backed away from that position.

“It’s unfortunate for Ed, his family, and all cyclists on the streets of LA that, once again, a driver that hit a cyclist and fled the scene will incur no criminal penalties or prosecution.” stated Ross Hirsch, Magos’s attorney. “It’s also unfortunate that because of the driver’s apparent lack of insurance that yet another cyclist may be left holding the bag for personal injury and property damage suffered as a result of this driver’s actions.”

Supporters say Magos won’t be able to make the ride because he’s still recovering from his injuries.