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Executive Summary Of The Withdrawal Of Charges In The Michael Bryant Case

By June 1, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

Executive Summary

On Tuesday, May 25, Richard Peck, the special prosecutor appointed to try former Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant on charges involving the death of Toronto messenger Darcy Allan Sheppard, withdrew the charges against Bryant, noting that “there is no reasonable prospect of conviction in relation to either of the charges before the Court. Accordingly, the charges must be withdrawn.”

Peck’s decision to withdraw the charges was widely reported in the Canadian press, including articles in tthe Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail, and was further explained in his Executive Summary, available here.

Bob Mionske first commented on this case in his Road Rights article When Worlds Collide. Further commentary was provided by Rick Bernardi, in an article for the current issue of Dandyhorse (Volume 3, Issue 1). In his next Road Rights column, which will be available online this week, Bob Mionske will offer his follow-up commentary on the decision to withdraw the charges. The link to the latest column will be posted on Bob’s Facebook page as soon as it goes online; look for it soon.