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FBI Asks Bicyclists Help With Harrington Case

By February 11, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

NBC 29 Charlottesville: FBI Asks Bicyclists Help With Harrington Case

Posted: Feb 11, 2010 2:57 PM
Updated: Feb 11, 2010 7:57 PM

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is turning to a large group of athletes to help them crack the Morgan Harrington case. These athletes frequent the area where Harrington’s body was found, and could be a huge help to investigators.

Albemarle County’s rural roads may see few cars, but they’re a popular destination for cyclists. Now the FBI is hoping riders may have seen something that drivers missed as the hunt for the person or persons who killed Harrington continues.

Cyclist Heather Higgins is rallying thousands of riders to help the FBI. They’re searching for new clues in the Morgan Harrington case on Albemarle County’s backroads. Higgins says, “They’re well traveled by cyclists and folks get to know them really well and they begin to notice how things change.”

Their focus is near the intersection of Red Hill Road and Route 29 South, in the shadows of the Anchorage Farm where Harrington’s body was found. It’s a popular spot for cyclists and investigators want to know if riders noticed anything that could tip them off.

Higgins says, “We get to see back roads at a slower speed and up close and personal, and therefore we have another perspective to share.”

Roger Friend cycles the stretch regularly and says it’s not heavily traveled by cars. “Like most of the southern part of the county its rolling terrain in that term, and it’s also mixed agricultural and woodland area.”

While it’s been months since Morgan went missing, friend says reaching out to riders could help crack the case. “I would say there are easily dozens, into the hundreds of people who may have been on that road in that time frame so clearly someone may have seen something that may end up being significant.”

Heather Higgins says, “Cycling is an important part of the community fabric and we’re happy to play our role.” Higgins is reaching out to more than 15 bicycling groups across central Virginia as part of the effort.

The Virginia State Police confirms this is just one of many steps it and the FBI are taking to try and solve the case.

Reported by Keith McGilvery