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Police Decide Against Charges

By February 24, 2010October 17th, 2021No Comments Police decide against charges

By GLENN CONWAY – The Press Last updated 05:00 24/02/2010

Police will not charge a Christchurch businessman who made online threats against cyclists.

Sign of the Takahe owner Richard Freeman claimed he had put two cyclists “into the curb” [sic] with his Hummer and would “nail” cyclists.

His comments prompted a complaint to police.

However, Canterbury road policing manager Inspector Al Stewart yesterday said there was “insufficient evidence” to charge Freeman under the present legislation.

Freeman told The Press yesterday common sense had prevailed.

“The police have investigated and have seen it for what it [the complaint] is.” He said his comments had been edited and “twisted” to make him look like a monster.

Stewart said Freeman had denied any intent to frighten, threaten or intimidate cyclists through the media after the high-profile coverage his comments received.

Stewart said the situation did not represent the overall relationship between the city’s cyclists and motorists.

“Although there will always be people on both sides who want to vent their frustrations, the majority of road users, both cyclists and motorists, are reasonably tolerant of each other.”

Freeman apologised for his comments last month.

Meanwhile, Rik Unthank, a cyclist who alleged he had been strangled by an angry motorist in a separate incident, said he was frustrated police had yet to contact him regarding his complaint laid on January 28.