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Police Report Filed For Friday’s Alleged Road Rage Hit-And-Run

By April 10, 2012October 23rd, 2021No Comments

The LAist: Police Report Filed Today for Friday’s Alleged Road Rage Hit-and-Run, Cyclist to be Hospitalized for 2 Months

The alleged road rage incident that has left cyclist Susanna Schick hospitalized in the ICU with a concussion, broken collarbone, six broken ribs, three pelvic fractures and facial lacerations has riled the local cycling community, but as we learned yesterday, there is very little police presence in the case.

Today, a Los Angeles police spokesman told City News Service he had no information about the accident. No police report was filed, and according to BikingInLA — who has been exhaustively covering the case — police never responded to the scene. Reports say paramedics responded and most likely dropped the 42-year-old victim’s bike off at her home after the alleged attack; it is unclear who called the paramedics.

The biking blog learned that a police report was finally filed today — more than three days after the cyclist was allegedly hit by a white Lexus and left lying face-down on Spring Street in Downtown Los Angeles for nearly 15 minutes Friday night around 11:30. Despite Schick’s recollection of the events leading up to her injuries, which involved a Lexus swerving across two lanes into her green bike lane, the female passenger of the car and Schick exchanging words at a red light, then Schick ending up on the pavement of Spring just past 4th with a bent rear bicycle wheel, “without witnesses or video evidence, police are treating Schick’s injury as a solo fall, and ignoring — or at least downplaying — the allegations that there was another vehicle involved,” writes the blog. Schick’s friend Jennifer Beatty told KTLA, “… the driver of the Lexus decided to use his vehicle as a weapon.”

The victim’s family reportedly followed up with police Monday regarding the lack of a police report, says the L.A. Times. The family has also asked that friends and reporters refrain from visiting Pinkyracer, as she is known in the cycling community, to let her rest. Doctors are trying to avoid surgery, and she faces a minimum of two months in either the hospital or an assisted living facility.

The ChipIn fund created by Schick’s friends on Sunday to help her pay for her medical expenses has reached over $4,100 as of 9am Tuesday.