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Proposal Would Help Bicyclists Stuck At Unchanging Red Lights

By February 10, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

MinnPost: Proposal would help bicyclists stuck at unchanging red lights

By Joe Kimball | Published Wed, Feb 10 2010 10:43 am

Bicyclists who stop at red lights — as, of course, they all do — would be helped by a bill introduced Tuesday in the state House.

It would “allow a bicyclist to enter or cross an intersection against a red light under certain conditions, including the light showing red for an unreasonable amount of time, the bicyclist is unable to trigger the signal to change to green and no other vehicle or person is approaching that could pose a hazard,” according to a report by the House Public Information Services.

A similar law was passed in 2003 for motorcyclists, but sponsor Rep. Phyllis Kahn, a DFLer from Minneapolis, is pushing it for bike riders, too. Sen. Jim Carlson, DFL-Eagan, is sponsor in the state Senate.