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Sources: Men Arrested Trying To Repaint Bedford Bike Lane

By December 7, 2009October 18th, 2021No Comments

The Gothamist: Sources: Men Arrested Trying To Repaint Bedford Bike Lane


We haven’t been able to verify this one with the NYPD yet, but sources tell Gothamist that police — and South Williamsburg’s Shomrim Patrol — arrested two men suspected of attempting to repaint the recently-removed Bedford Avenue bike lane this morning.

According to tipsters, the neighborhood’s volunteer community watch group responded to reports at around 4 am that two men were using spraypaint to recreate a section of the bike lane, which the Department of Transportation controversially removed from a 14-block stretch of Bedford Avenue last week. Police arrived at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Rutledge Street and arrested two suspects, sources said. That story lines up pretty well with this posting by Twitter user WMSBG, which went online about two hours ago: “Police arrested this night two goiyem for re-painting the bike lane on Bedford ave with the help of Shomrim.”

According to Williamboard, cycling activists had already repainted some of the recently-removed bike lane late last week: “A few hipsters took on the initiative and repainted the Bedford av bike lane with paint and brushes late Friday night and it looks pretty charming.” Another commenter on the messageboard said: “i rode bedford this morning and kind of loled at the new bike lane markers. then some jackoff yelled at me in hebrew and did a fake-out move, like he was going to shove me off my bike.” A spokesman from the NYPD’s press office said he had not been briefed on the reported arrests and that crimes of this nature aren’t always brought to the attention of his office. Sources at Williamsburg’s 90th Precinct did not immediately respond to calls.

Anyone have any more information?