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Three Feet Rule

By March 1, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

WTVA Tupelo: Three Feet Rule

Reported by: Wayne Hereford
Last Update: 3/01 4:18 pm

Lost her son in a bicycle accident

TUPELO, Miss.-(WTVA) A Tupelo woman whose son was killed while riding his bicycle six months ago is asking the Lee county board of supervisors to enact a “three feet law” on county roads.

Liria Ferer lost her son John Paul who was student at Tupelo High School when he was killed.

Ferer asked the board to not only enact a three foot law for bike riders but to erect signs as well which would alert motorist that there are cyclists in the area.

She says its mainly an effort to get the public to pay attention.

“Yes and I consider myself as well, we just all pay a little bit more attention while we’re out driving on the road and with all the distractions that we have today that we just pay attention to cyclists and pedestrians on the road.”

Ferer says that the State of Mississippi is close to enacting the three-feet law and is hopeful the board will do the same. Supervisors took the matter under advisement they say to give county engineers time to study the proposal and the placement of signs along county roads.