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Matter Daily: Traffic Calming: The New Bicycle Law in Fort Collins

Written by David Boerner
Tuesday, 02 March 2010 13:56

A new bicycle surcharge passed the Fort Collins City Council in January, adding an additional $35 fine to moving violation tickets issued to cyclists in Fort Collins. This is an extension of the so-called “traffic calming” surcharge that has been in effect for drivers since 2005 and has since generated $320,000 annually, paying for three dedicated traffic enforcement officers. Lt. Jim Szakmeister of Fort Collins Police Services said the bike surcharge is expected to bring in $7,000 more in revenues (200 tickets). Sure, $7,000 might buy a bike or two, but it certainly won’t pay for a dedicated bike traffic officer. So why bother? Are bicyclist’s 200 cited infractions really that big of a deal for Fort Collins?

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