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Trial For London Cyclists To Go Left On Red Gets Green Light

By January 22, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

The London Evening Standard: Trial for London cyclists to go left on red gets green light

Nicholas Cecil Chief Political Correspondent

A trial of a plan that would let cyclists in London turn left at red traffic lights was backed by ministers today.

Mayor Boris Johnson proposes the change so cyclists can get ahead of vehicles at junctions — particularly lorries, which are involved in a large proportion of accidents in which riders are killed.

Trainee architect Rebecca Goosen, 29, was riding to work last April when she was crushed by a lorry turning left at a junction in Islington.

Government transport spokesman Lord Faulkner said the Department for Transport supported a pilot scheme. But he also told the House of Lords: “We do not want to give cyclists the feeling that they are allowed to ignore red lights.”

Cyclists who go through a red light risk a £30 on-the-spot fine.

Lord Faulkner praised the Mayor’s plans for 12 cycle highways. “We want an increase in the number of people cycling to work in London,” he said.