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University Of Minnesota Police Crackdown On Bicyclists Using Sidewalks

By October 3, 2011October 23rd, 2021No Comments

KTSP St. Paul: University of Minnesota Police Crackdown on Bicyclists Using Sidewalks

University of Minnesota Police are cracking down on an increasingly common problem: cyclists using sidewalks instead of streets.

Since school started last month, campus police have issued approximately 80 citations to biyclists riding in prohibited areas. That is double the number issued during the same period last year.

Many cyclists and police say the spike is caused by the closure of Washington Avenue. In the past, it was a popular path for bicyclsts, but is now closed for light rail construction. Police say most bicyclists violating the rules are doing so on a popular pedestrian path which runs parallel to Washington Avenue called “Scholars Walk.”

Campus police say they’ve responded to at least six accidents involving bikes since school started.