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This news article featuring Bob Mionske has been reproduced here for our media archives. To access the original article, follow the link. Day 2 at the Summit: What’s on tap
Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on March 4th, 2008 at 10:48 pm

This story is part of my ongoing coverage of the 2008 National Bike Summit. See the rest of my coverage here.


Tuesday night’s dinner crowd.
(Photos © J. Maus)

Ex-Portland City Commissioner and now U.S. Congressman Earl Blumenauer will open things up at the 2008 National Bike Summit tomorrow.

Blumenauer is slated to speak at the opening of tomorrow’s session with a talk billed, “Advancing America’s Journey to Embracing Cycling.” After that, the 500+ Summit attendees will break out into their choice of educational sessions.

There’s a wide variety to choose from including a session on cyclists’ legal rights featuring Portland lawyer and author Bob Mionske, and a session titled, Getting More People Riding: The Two-Mile Challenge, that features Dan Bower from the City of Portland Office of Transportation (PDOT) and Scott Bricker from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance (BTA).


Lawyer and author Bob Mionske,
will speak twice on Wednesday.

Other sessions are on the topics of Safe Routes to Schools, creating bicycle-friendly national parks, how bicyclists can play a role in the 2008 elections, and more.

After the sessions, each state will connect with their delegation to discuss Thursday’s big day on Capitol Hill. I’m looking forward to seeing the entire Oregon Team all in one place (group photo coming!).

The day will end with the League of American Bicyclists annual meeting. The featured speaker this year is none other than Portland-based lawyer, author of Bicycling and the Law, and former Olympian Bob Mionske.

Stay tuned for more coverage (along with some local news stories I’m getting behind on as well).