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British Cyclist Murdered, Media Blackout, Government Silence– Cover-up?

By March 2, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

Yesterday, we reported that John Currie, a British cyclist, had been “deliberately run down” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia by local youths. This murder was first reported by the Telegraph on Saturday. On Sunday, Arab News reported that the “UK Embassy Rules Out Foul Play In Cyclist’s Death.” Instead, the embassy was referring to the cyclist’s death as “nothing more than a ‘tragic accident.’”

Remarkably, the Embassy’s contention that Currie’s death was not the result of “foul play” was only reported in the Saudi press. There was no corresponding report in the British press. In fact, following the original report, there was no subsequent coverage in the British press of the Currie murder. Instead, it appears that a media blackout is now underway. Similarly, while the British government contends in the Saudi press that this was all just a “tragic accident,” the government has remained silent within the UK.

Coincidence? Or cover-up?