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Saudi Police, British Embassy: Foul Play Ruled Out In Death Of Murdered British Cyclist

By March 2, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

In a follow-up article on the death of a British cyclist who was reportedly “deliberately run down” by Saudi youths outside Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Arab News is reporting that “Police have confirmed the [cyclist’s] death … was nothing more than a tragic accident.”

The Saudi paper reported that police spokesperson Maj. Sami Al-Shwaerikh

ruled out the possibility that John Currie, the Briton who worked for BAE Systems, was “deliberately” run down as reported by a British newspaper.

“It was an unfortunate road accident with no criminal activity behind it,” said Al–Shwaerikh.

He added that the recklessness of the youth, who is in his 20s, was the main reason behind the accident.

The conclusion of the Saudi Police is consistent with the reported position of the British Embassy, which “had already ruled out foul play.”

At least they’re all getting their story straight, although nobody has yet explained why deliberately running a cyclist down is just “an unfortunate road accident with no criminal activity behind it.” Or, alternatively, why aiming for a cyclist and then hitting him is not “deliberately running him down.”

And these official conclusions will likely never be explained; the British media blackout and the silence of the British government continue.