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Call For Bicycles To Be Licensed

By March 8, 2010October 23rd, 2021No Comments

iomtoday: Call for bicycles to be licensed

REVOLUTIONARY PLAN: Castletown Commissioner Kevin Weir wants all bicycles to be licensed

Published Date:
08 March 2010
South News reporter

ALL bicycles ridden by those over 16 should be licenced, Castletown Commissioners believe.

The local authority considered a letter from the Department of Transport regarding a series of draft pedal cycle regulations that will be submitted to Tynwald for approval.

They include the requirement that brakes must be in a good and efficient order, have suitable bells and safe tyres.

Commissioner Kevin Weir proposed at last week’s board meeting that the department should go further with the requirements it wants to impose.

‘They should make it statutory to wear safety helmets, fluorescent jackets, have lights front and back and have a road licence for riders over 16 years of age,’ he said.

‘They ride four in a row, they will not drop behind, a motorist gets annoyed and overtakes in a bad spot, they have an accident and the cyclists race on,’ he added.

‘Any professional driver would support this sort of action. I have a bike and at least I have road sense. I do not ride two, three or four abreast.

‘They should have to have a licence. If I have a road licence to drive my car, why shouldn’t they? It should be £10 a go.’

Commissioner Richard Ronan said: ‘It will cost £30 to administer, but it is still worthwhile.’

Mr Ronan added: ‘It’s the bike that has the licence, it might lead to a little bit more care, it’s the same as a dog licence, why have dog licences?’

Commissioner Andrew Thomas agreed with Mr Weir’s suggestions, but thought the licence idea was impractical.

In defence of cyclists, commissioners’ chairman Alwyn Collister said: ‘Cyclists have brought a good deal of publicity to the Isle of Man, we have some very good cyclists. The Isle of Man is known throughout the cycling world.’

Mr Weir’s proposals received support from the majority of the board and will be outlined in the board’s reply to the DoT.