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Oudtshoorn Cyclist Crash Death Toll Rises

By March 8, 2010October 24th, 2022No Comments

Eyewitnessnews, Western Cape Province: Oudtshoorn cyclist crash death toll rises

Nathan Adams 

The death toll following Monday morning’s fatal accident outside Oudtshoorn has risen to four.

Three cyclists were killed and one person seriously injured when a car knocked them down whilst trying to overtake a truck. The hospitalised cyclist passed away on Monday afternoon.

Transport MEC Robin Carlisle said they were considering amending provincial traffic laws.

He explained that once enforced motorists will have to keep a safe following distance of at least 1.5 metres behind cyclists.

“You have to wait until that oncoming traffic is past. And if the bicycle is going at 10km an hour, you damn well slow down to nine until there is safe room for you to pass.”

(Edited by Danya Philander)