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By February 12, 2010October 17th, 2021No Comments


We have some new developments here at that we’re excited about and want to share with you.

First, we’ve added some new features to the website. Some of those new features are new pages for hosting future content. Additionally, we have re-organized our “News and Announcements” feature; now, we have separate “News” and “Announcements” features. These features will appear on every page of “News” will be a daily collection of bicycle law news stories from around the world. Older news stories will continue to be archived in our “News” tab. “Announcements” will keep you informed about things we’re up to, like Bob’s speaking appearances, upcoming interviews on radio shows, or new publications. We’re still working on some of the small details, but if you subscribe to either the email list or the RSS feed, you will receive a once daily update of news and announcements from, in addition to our blog articles..

Second, we’ve created a Facebook fan page for We will be posting links to all of Bob’s Road Rights columns and all of our blog posts on the fan page, so if you want to stay current with, the fan page will be one way to do that. The fan page will also host photos, event notices, and a discussion page for bicycle law and advocacy issues. When you’re visiting, you will be able to access the Facebook page via a link’s home page, as well as via a link on the Blog page. We will be adding a Facebook link to Velologue as well.

Finally, we’ve created a YouTube channel for The YouTube channel will be a site where we can share our favorite YouTube videos, as well as our own YouTube videos. In addition to the Facebook link, we’ve also added a link to the YouTube channel on the home page of, and will be adding a Youtube link on Velologue.

With these features, we’ll be able to bring you even more bicycle law and advocacy information, as well as make it easier to interact, and keep you informed about what we’re doing. We hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made, and stay tuned for our next announcement, which we will be making soon.


Rick Bernardi